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Embrace the transformative power of pregnancy and motherhood for personal and spiritual growth, and discover how to support other women on their own incredible journeys!

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At Rising Mother, we blend the best of modern medical expertise with ancient healing practices and the profound wisdom of medicine women.

We awaken the magic within you, strengthening your intuition so you can confidently step into your true potential.

Together, we are revolutionizing the experience of pregnancy and birth, empowering women to embrace their own unique journey into motherhood with strength and joy. Join us, and let's transform the way motherhood is celebrated in our society!

As a Woman

Experience deep connection, transformation, and inspiration on your journey to a fulfilling pregnancy and motherhood, and discover the inner wisdom of your body.

As a Doula

Turn your passion for birth and motherhood into a career with our certified Holistic Doula Training.


Deepen your knowledge and awaken your inner wisdom through our Deep Dive Masterclasses and Live Workshops, and learn how to elevate your support to a life-changing level.

Join our inspiring community of women today, unlock the transformative power of motherhood, and embark on your journey of spiritual growth now!

“there is no other way into the world except through the body of the woman.
woman is the portal to the universe.
she is also the womb of being

Vanessa Lachmann

Voices Of Rising Mothers

During the last weeks of my pregnancy, I met Vanessa while searching for an osteopath. After my first appointment, I was blown away by all the tools, knowledge, and resources she brought into the session. I knew right away that I wanted to learn all of it! It was clear to me that I wanted to join the Holistic Doula & Birthkeeper training.

Vanessa pours all her passion, love, and expertise into this training, and she does it in such a loving, compassionate, and powerful way. The group interactions feel like connecting with old friends or sisters who are finally reunited. From the very first moment, it's familiar, authentic, loving, honest, and vulnerable.

The training content is beautifully coordinated, and Vanessa always makes room for what we need at the moment. The topics are super interesting and presented so well through videos, scripts, live calls, and audio. In the live calls, other incredible women also share their knowledge. There are drum journeys, integration journeys, and so much healing and growth.

I recommend this training to every woman, no matter where she is in her life. This training is for all women who want to make it their calling to support other women. At the same time, there is so much space for your own personal healing and growth.

Thank you, dear Vanessa, for creating Rising Mother and this amazing training!

Daniela Bock

About the Holistic Doula Training

With Vanessa, I always feel immediately comfortable and supported. She was an incredible support during my pregnancy with osteopathy, shamanic journeying, and helpful tips and tricks. I could always ask her anything and felt very secure having her by my side. A huge heartfelt recommendation!

Marie-Delphine Darmstaedter

About Prenatal Support

You helped us through the tough times of conception with your incredibly empathetic, open, and cheerful nature. You broke down barriers, brought us back to our center, and improved so much. You supported me through my pregnancy, eased my discomforts, calmed my fears, and prepared me for birth.

Now, you're also helping our little miracle. You've helped both of us postpartum, given us valuable tips for dealing with colic, restlessness, and more, and helped us overcome our breastfeeding difficulties. Your way with both the little ones and the adults is amazing. We immediately feel well cared for and understood. You listen, feel, and think with genuine interest. I’m excited to see what else we’ll resolve together and what more I’ll learn from you about our miracle!

Daniela Linde

About The Holistic Family Coaching

Vanessa made our big wish come true by inviting our baby into life with a shamanic welcoming ceremony right before his birth. We wanted our little one to feel how excited we were and know that we would welcome him with open, loving arms. It was magical!

Vanessa lined up different rituals and created a sacred space filled with love and trust that extended far beyond the ceremony. When our baby still hadn’t arrived ten days past the due date, she repeated the invitation. Shortly after, we were holding our baby in our arms.

Her support during the postpartum period and beyond has been such a huge gift for us each time. Thank you!

Marlies Lohr

About the Perinatal Doula Support

“oh mother, you are the queen of hearts
through whom love flows in springs, in streams, in rivers, giving milk to thirsty,
wide-open souls.”

Vanessa Lachmann

Hello, I am Vanessa


With a deep passion for the well-being of women and children, I’ve made it my mission to guide parents and their little ones towards a harmonious and healthy life. As a pediatric osteopath and doula, I blend modern research with ancient healing arts to harmonize the scientific and spiritual aspects of life.

Bridging worlds is my gift, allowing me to combine the best of both to create unique healing experiences for women and children. 

I founded Rising Mother to lift women and mothers out of the isolation and overwhelm of everyday life. We provide holistic and spiritual guidance, leading them to a state of ease and freedom as they rediscover their inner wisdom.

Osteopath (BSc) |

Pediatric Osteopath (DPO)

Naturopath | Doula

Medicine Woman | Birthkeeper

"My vision is to empower women on their own best journey into motherhood and to consciously welcome their children into this world!"
Vanessa Lachmann

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The Tribe of Rising Mothers is growing every day. We take charge of our lives and build a village of like-minded, spiritual women. We empower each other by sharing our knowledge and wisdom. We embrace one another and create a safe space for every woman who wants to join our tribe. Tap into this transformative power of sisterhood and break free from your cocoon. It's your time to shine, spread your wings, and enchant the world around you with your beauty!

We show you on the way to your own power

as a spiritual woman

as a divine creator

as a Rising Mother.